B2B Lead Generation a Pressing Priority for you Right Now? 
Fill your sales pipeline with your prime prospects fast with Prospect Booster
  • Suffering from a worryingly dry, or even empty, pipeline?
  • Lack time or interest in the boring steps required to find and connect with new prospects?
  • Understandably just want leads and the potential of appointments, without doing any of the work?
Prospect Booster delivers 250-500+ highly targeted prospects to your inbox within the next month, without you lifting a finger. Guaranteed. 

What's more, we can deliver these new leads EACH and EVERY month. 

If you market to other businesses that spend £15k+ with you and you want more of them, book your demo now >>>
Sarah Hughes
"The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert"
Creator of Prospect Booster and Founder of Boost Business Growth
Prospect Booster Fills Your Pipeline  
LinkedIn Lead Generation

With results starting in week 1, enjoy an average of 50 guaranteed leads every week.  

We can start relationship-building & appointment-setting with these leads on your behalf.

How Prospect Booster Works: Your 3 Steps To Success
  • 1 Optimise

  • 2 Find and connect

  • 3 Relationship-build and       appointment-set

Enjoy all the heavy lifting of lead generation done for you, implemented within your LinkedIn account by our experienced team, with your approval every step of the way.

Prospect Booster combines cutting-edge software with an intimate knowledge of sales psychology and LinkedIn, the world’s best business networking platform.

The tried tested, trusted process starts with optimising your LinkedIn presence and pinpointing your hottest prospects, inviting them to connect. 

We then implement a sophisticated outreach process that relationship-builds on your behalf. 

To achieve the best results and accurately reflect your brand, your profile optimisation, prospect pinpointing and messaging is 100% bespoke.

Prospect Booster IS For Businesses That

  • Are micro, small or medium-sized through to larger corporations
  • Would love to quickly grow awareness of their products or services
  • Want serious amounts of targeted new prospects in their lead funnel
  • Understand the importance of social selling in B2B marketing
  • Want quality leads delivered with little effort on their part.

Prospect Booster ISN'T For Those That

  • Market to consumers, rather than other businesses
  • Don't understand the value of a targeted, relevant network
  • Have target prospects with an average lifetime value of less than £15k
  • Like to spend hours every day on highly repetitive, mundane tasks to secure prospects.
6 Reasons Why Switched-On Companies Are Using Prospect Booster
  1. High quality prospects delivered to your inbox on a daily basis
  2. No need for email marketing, databases, advertising, PR or exhibitions
  3. Affordable monthly capped investment
  4. No requirement for you to produce lots of content or marketing material
  5. No need to pay expensive employees to do lead generation for you
  6. Guaranteed results from day 1!
How We Ensure You Never Leave Cash On The Table Again

Even if our activity only secured you a measly 1 new client a month each worth just £25k a year, Prospect Booster SAVES YOU burning £300,000.00 in lost sales.

What about if you secured 2 new clients a month, each worth £100k annually? 

Taking into account the modest investment in Prospect Booster, this means an extra £2,390,000.00 in sales.

Can you afford not to have this cash in your business?

"One LinkedIn message alone generated a contract worth 17.5% of our annual turnover"
Philip Fowler, MD, The Move Master
"Within 2 hours, I secured an international meeting with a major prospect & introducer" Simon Kirton, Founder, Emission Zero
"Within just 3 minutes 465 targeted prospects within a 25 mile radius were found!"
Ania Witwitzka, Founder, Seedpod Design
Open the tap on a sustained flow of quality leads

Here's the HUGE amount we do so you never have to

  • Live session with you to optimise your LinkedIn profile using expert copywriting skills (this is essential to equip your profile visitors to want to connect with you)
  • Define your ideal client, apply filters to locate them on LinkedIn and create saved searches so we have a perfect source to invite to connect
  • View each of your prospect's profiles (this one step alone generates leads)
  • Endorse your prospects and like their posts
  • Create a personalised invitation message that's pre-agreed with you 
  • Individually invite 100+ prospects to connect with you every week
  • Issue invitations to connect with other LinkedIn event attendees, poll voters and those who've commented on posts
  • Segment and message your existing connections to warm and relationship-build
  • Craft and issue a 'thanks for connecting message' that attracts a positive response and even potential requests to meet
  • Develop with you, and issue for you, messaging cadences that relationship-builds and creates conversations 
  • Integrate Prospect Booster with your CRM, if you wish
  • Provide a comprehensive resource centre with hints, tips, videos, guides, scripts and tutorials to help you leverage your Linkedin network.
  • Realtime results reporting
  • Mon-Fri UK-based support via phone, WhatsApp, email or zoom.
We're so confident in Prospect Booster,
that we guarantee to find and connect with
250-500 of your ideal pre-agreed prospects,
as an average every month.

In the highly unlikely event we don't, we continue for free until we reach the minimum amount.
LinkedIn Lead Generation

Who’s Behind Prospect Booster?

Founded by UK-based award-winning marketer, Sarah Hughes at Boost Business Growth, we’ve been leveraging the power of LinkedIn to generate leads on behalf of our clients for 11+ years.

  Regarded as The “LinkedIn Lead Generation Experts,” we train organisations and individuals worldwide how to get maximum benefit from the world’s #1 networking site.   

Sarah Hughes is a regular media contributor on business growth and LinkedIn, and speaks internationally on the subject for organisations including The Insititute of Sales Management and The Design Trust.

Responding to demand, Sarah & her team have developed Prospect Booster, The Lead Generation 'Done For You’ service.

Prospect Booster does the boring, meticulous, time-zapping work for you by pinpointing, connecting & engaging with your ideal prospects.   

You can get on with what you do best, selling more to more prospects more often and shining in your role!

Do I need to know the names of the prospects in advance?
Absolutely not.  Prospect Booster is ideal if you know you need targeted prospects, but don’t have individual names.
We work with you to identify them using characteristics e.g. role, location, company size etc.
Can’t I simply use LinkedIn myself? What’s the benefit of your system?
Great question! While you can do the work yourself you’ll be limited to a maximum of 20 leads a week. 

This compares to the 50 leads minimum we guarantee as an average weekly amount.
We often achieve 50%, and even 60%, connection rates for clients.  

Doing it yourself, you need to know EXACTLY how not to get an IDK ‘put into jail’ restriction from LinkedIn for sending too many connection requests.  

Our experience and proven systems mean we’ve found a way around this.  

Our expert copywriters use sales psychology to craft personal profiles and messages that compel prospects to connect and stay in touch. 

Which is partly how we get such a high connection rate.  We also provide you with tested message templates.

What's more, we do the weekly, time-sapping grind of personalised relationship-building.  

Last (but no means least!), do you really have the time and desire to plough hours and days each week on meticulous, repetitive, boring work?
Why can't I just google a prospect’s email address and email them without using Prospect Booster?
You can, however, your conversion will be pitifully low as a result.  Here’s why.
As you’re not a ‘safe’ or ‘whitelisted’ sender, your email may well not even reach your prospect, whereas a message from LinkedIn always does.
Even if your email does reach your prospect there’s no existing relationship or knowledge of you, so they’re likely to just bin your message.
You may not even know the names of your prospects, just have an idea of e.g. their role. We locate them within seconds.
Finding prospects and connecting on LinkedIn overcomes all of these potentially fatal barriers.
Remember, we start the relationship-building too and will share with you in a training session how to appointment-set with your new connections.
Do I need lots of complicated and expensive software?
None whatsoever!
What can be included in the messages to the new connections you secure for me?
Excitingly, there are lots of different times of content you can include in your messages.

Content includes: text only, or the following with or without accompanying text: Video, Image, Voicemail, PDF.
Do the messages just relationship-build, or can they appointment-set?
Both!  We recommend first relationship-building with new connections, especially if you're seeking relationship, rather than transactional, customers.

If your new connections get a 'sales' message the minute they connect, they find it off-putting.

After all, we all like to buy, but don't like to be sold to.

Building the all-important Know, Like, Trust factor is simple.  

Prospect Booster does this for you. It sends content which positions you as the expert in your field and adds value to your audience. 

We recommend sending 4+ relationship-building messages, before asking for an appointment, sales-related message or other call to action.  

Prospect Booster can also include 'nudge' messages to connections who've not yet responded to the earlier call to action.

The whole process can be done quickly. 

Some Prospect Booster clients even have appointments booked on day 1, thanks to the way we've optimised their profile.
We’ve a number of sales & biz dev people Prospect Booster would be great for, how would that work?
We can provide the service for as many or few people as you require and offer a multi-discount for companies just like you.
Speak to me about this by emailing sarah@boostbusinessgrowth.co.uk or by calling 0121 363 0077.
What does a ‘lead’ constitute?
We describe a lead as the identification of a highly targeted prospect pinpointed using refined filters within LinkedIn's Sales Navigator.
The filters include job title, seniority, size of company by employees, keywords, industry or sector, location (e.g., within the UK, within 10 miles of a postcode, outside the UK, it’s by major city or town).
Once we’ve identified the target, we invite them to view your profile and connect.

Only when they connect, do we consider this a lead.
Effective sales is a series of small steps of the prospect saying “yes.”
We view the fact that the target has viewed your profile and wants to connect as the first step in taking them into your lead nurturing sequence.
We then send a "thanks for connecting" message, which on its own often attracts appointment requests. 

We guarantee a 25%+ connectivity rate (we'll keep connecting for you for free until we reach 25% minimum) and often secure for you 50-60%.  
Do I also need to be doing lots of LinkedIn status updates and publishing articles?
From the point of view of Prospect Booster working for you, absolutely not.
Our activity is free-standing.
However, you may want to issue status updates for your existing connections, as they’re a great way to stay front of mind and build rapport.
Would you need to access my LinkedIn personal account?
We would decide with you the best account to lead the activity from.
If it isn’t your own personal account, we’d seek consent (with your permission) of the person whose account you think should lead the activity.
The most effectives roles to lead this activity include managing directors, owners & directors or commercial, sales, marketing and business development.
We’re happy to sign confidentiality agreements.
And we keep you informed of activity and progress as part of the UK-based account management service we provide when you invest in Prospect Booster.
Do you carry on messaging prospects for us?
You're of course. We're able to carry on messaging the prospects beyond the 'thanks for connecting' message we issue. 

In fact, we recommend at least six messages are sent within a drip-feed.

We can also segment your audience, so providing up to two different sets of messages going out at any one time.

Within this, you may want one set of messages going to new connections, the other to your existing connections.
As we know, sales is a marathon rather than a sprint, with some prospects buying sooner than others.
Where is your team based?
Your Prospect Booster team is based in the UK. 
Your named account manager is Kim Todd, who is based in the UK. 

She is on hand to onboard you and walk you through any queries you may have, and usually is contactable Mon-Fri.
Is your software a Chrome Extension that will get my LinkedIn account restricted?
Definitely not! You might have heard of Chrome Extensions including Linked Helper, Meet Leonard, Dux-Soup - and many more. 

While these platforms are cheap - the massive likelihood is your LinkedIn account will be restricted within a matter of hours.

Our software is cloud-based and mimics human actions.  It's highly intelligent, with a large developer team constantly working on it. 

We monitor the software we use in your account daily and keep activity within safe limits.
Have more questions?
We're happy to answer them.
Speak to us by emailing sarah@boostbusinessgrowth.co.uk or by calling 07712 784 859.
Or book your free 15-minute LIVE 1:1 demo to see if Prospect Booster is right for you to and assess if you qualify.
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